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About Me:


All my life I struggled with problem skin and during the winter time, it is a lot worst. I tried everything from prescription meds, to OTC creams, ointments, bath remedies, body washes, specialty shampoos and everything I could think of with no relief. Finally I found some oils, herbs, and butters, I frequently use I had around the house and start putting them together and eventually came up with products that myself along with family and friends enjoyed after a few trial and errors of course. I decided to ask a few friends their thoughts of me marketing my products. They quickly said absolutely. And after one year of procrastinating, I finally started Hair and Skin Dazzle. Thank you for visiting my site and for your support. I hope you shop and enjoy my products as much as I do, while I continuously learn and grow. 


Yours truly, 

Stephenie White

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